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  • Use this form to register as a LCMS Servant Event Host.
  • Enter all information on the form. Required fields are marked with a * and will be included in the Servant Event information that is viewed on the Web site.
  • When you have finished entering all of the information, click on the "Send Application" button. This will store your information into the "Hosts" database.
  • After review and approval, your servant event will be "live" on the Servant Events Web site.

Hosting Entity Name:
(Host may be a congregation, outdoor ministry center, social ministry agency, etc.)
City: State: ZIP:
LCMS District:  
Country: (Only if NOT in the United States)
Phone #: FAX #:
E-mail Address:
Web Address:
Contact Person: Title: First Name:
M.I.: Last Name: Suffix:
Assign yourself a username and password, these will be used to re-enter the site to edit your host information, submit new Servant Events or edit existing ones. Please, write these down and keep them in a safe place. No spaces in Username or Password Please.
Username: Password:
Please carefully check over your entries and when satisfied they are correct,
click on the "Send Application" button only once!
NOTE: Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, it may take from a few seconds to a minute or more for this form to be processed by our server. When the server is finished processing your information you will be taken to the next page.

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