How to Host an Event

Servant Events can take on several “looks.” Some can be completed in one day or over a weekend. Others may last 10 days or longer. Events could provide service at a homeless shelter, food bank, or soup kitchen. They can connect with a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate or Laborers for Christ project. Others could support a mission congregation with building and grounds improvements, work with an area social service agency, or support an inner-city/urban ministry. Some Servant Events require a small group of servants, while others need a large group. Regardless of the “look,” the service and work provided by the participants impacts both the participants and those served for a lifetime.

Servant Events should include the following:

  • Bible study, devotions, and worship that focus on Christian servanthood and relate to the participants’ daily experience.
  • Meaningful work needed by the community and provided by the servants. Servant Events also provide experience with models of service that participants can develop back home in their congregations and communities.
  • Time for participants to discuss and reflect on the day’s happenings.
  • Participants need the chance to relate their experiences of service to daily faith and life. Dedicated leaders including people:
    • With the necessary skills to assist participants in carry out their work;
    • With competency and sensitivity for leading participants in worship, Bible study, and in their understanding of Christian service;
    • With a commitment and ability to work with a variety of people.
  • Adequate funding of the Event through donations, local resources, and grants so registration fees are affordable for youth.
  • If needed, the ability to provide housing, meals, and materials for participants.
  • Cross-cultural experiences so participants can live and work with people with whom they may not ordinarily work and live. Events with people of different ages, life situations, or ethnic background provide a cross-cultural experience.
  • Opportunities for young people and adults to experience and participate in Christian community and to experience the joy of God’s people working, learning, and celebrating together.
  • The experience of working with others, learning about a new culture, and adapting to new surroundings forces us to examine ourselves spiritually, articulate our faith, and strengthen our trust in the Lord.
  • To learn more about hosting Servant Events, obtain a copy of "It’s Your Serve" from the CPH bookstore. Click Here to order online!

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