Event Types

LCMS Servant Events meet a range of needs and provide many different opportunities for participants to use their talents to help individuals, organizations, camps, churches, and other ministries. Carefully consider the gifts of your group and select an Event that fits your group’s ability and interest.

Groups can search for Events based on type using the Event Listings.

Construction Events
Servants have the opportunity to help build new homes, cabins, and other structures, or to repair and maintain existing facilities. Host sites often offer their Event for several weeks so that many groups can participate in completing the construction project.

Human Care Events
Servants work directly with people. Servants provide care and companionship for the elderly or dispossessed, lead Vacation Bible School for disadvantaged children, or provide assistance for disabled individuals. Often, host sites combine human care elements with other styles of Events.

Environmental Events
Environmental Events involve activities such as gleaning, recycling, litter removal, cleaning streams, or refurbishing trails and park areas. Servants work to preserve existing resources or help develop new trails and parks.

Outreach Events
Outreach Events have an evangelistic focus in the host site’s community. Servants may work to staff a Christian sports camp or Bible camp for neighborhood children or serve at a community-wide outreach program such as a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Multicultural Events
Servants have the opportunity to grow and learn about various ethnic and cultural groups while serving a host community through other types of Events such as Human Care or Construction.

Crisis Events
Crisis Events are designed for Servant groups willing to take on a significant challenge. Servant groups respond to specific needs resulting from devastating natural disasters, working to repair or rebuild facilities that have been destroyed or damaged, clear away debris, or help continue ministries that have been slowed due to such disasters.

Family Events
Family Events provide Servants the opportunity to work together with members of their immediate family. These Family-Group Servants may work on a variety of projects and will represent a range of ages and abilities.


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